Our Team

Vineberg & Fulton Ltd. is pleased to meet the challenges of historic preservation throughout Atlantic Canada.

Joe Ballard, B.Com, is a historic preservation consultant and architectural historian. He is the proud owner of one of the oldest commercial properties in Truro, NS. He has held board positions on a dozen cultural and heritage organizations including Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia where he served as president.  He has authored two books on subjects of Nova Scotia’s architectural and cultural heritage.

…understands his business well, and can produce satisfactory testimonials of his abilities, sobriety and integrity, may have constant employment in His Majesty’s Yard…

April 5, 1817, The Acadian Recorder


Melanie Ballard, B.A., B.Ed. is a former history teacher turned architectural salvage operator turned historic preservation researcher.   Melanie is responsible for piloting Nova Scotia’s second municipal heritage property grant program.  She is past-president of the Little White Schoolhouse Museum.

… embraces this opportunity of returning her most grateful thanks to the public, for the favours conferred on her since she commenced business and begs leave to assure them that it shall always be her study to have every article in her (line) as genuine as can be procured.

February 22, 1817, The Acadian Recorder

Trained as an historical sociologist, Paul Armstrong, has held posts in economic development in municipalities in both Nova Scotia and Ontario. He was one of the organizers of the Irish Halifax SSHRC project and did work there on the early Mechanics’ Library in Halifax (1831-1864). He did his doctorate at Dalhousie University with work on the intellectual genealogy of the Antigonish Movement. His research is focused now on the theory of civil society. He has considerable experience with non-profits at both the Board and staff level.

… he informs the inhabitants of Nova Scotia and the Neighbouring Provinces, that he carries on the above Business in the neatest and most desirable manner; – where all orders will be punctually attended to…

March 15, 1817 The Acadian Recorder

Additional team members are engaged based on the demands/needs of individual projects.